New Uploads!
27-October-2015 | Denver, CO
My Vimeo upload quota was reset so I uploaded another handful of videos last night, showcasing some more work I've done for the Universal Sports Network! Check 'em out!

Looking for Work, Yet Again!
20-October-2015 | Denver, CO
Well, it's been almost a year since my last job hunt, which I'm extremetly grateful for however, Im back on the Hunt yet again. For the past (almost) year, I've been working with the Universal Sports Network, serving as an Editor and Motion Graphics Artist, working on both Promotional Spots and On-Air Productions. It's been an awesome ride, a great learning experience, but due to a situation completely out of my control - I'm probably going to have to move on. That being said, this is GREAT news for you - Nick Foote is available to work with you and your team! Over the next couple days(weeks) I will be updating my Vimeo account, (finally) finishing a new demo reel, and tweaking my website to reflect the work I've done at USN over the past 11 months. Feel free to hit me up at as I will have a large amount of availability coming up soon. Very Exciting!

Back on the Hunt: The Job Hunt
01-June-2014 | Denver, CO
As of 31-July, my contract in the UAE will be officially completed. And I hope to be on a plane 01-August to head home for good. In the meantime, I'm back on the Job Hunt. I'm looking for pretty much anything within the Video Production or Post-Production field where I can stretch my creative muscles, which have unfortunately been showing signs of atrophy in the harsh desert environment. I'm primarily looking in Denver, but will entertain anything in the Western US or even potentially overseas. I can be reached via email; for question or to receive a copy of my resume. Thanks!

New Demo Reel in the Works
14-May-2014 | Al Ain, UAE
It's been a few years since I've updated my Demo Reel, mostly because the past 3 years I've been working overseas on projects I'm not allowed to share, but I'm seeing what I can do. Follow my Twitter Account {@NickTheFoote) for updates!

Fitness by Aiste
05-May-2014 | Al Ain, UAE
I was contracted for some freelance work by my friend and Personal Trailer Aiste, to film and edit a series of 3 short promotional videos highlighting key classes she gives; Pilates, Zumba and Power Training. Check out her new YouTube channel to see the 1st of the 3 videos I've completed for her: Fitness by Aiste: Pilates

Site Redesign
21-April-2014 | Al Ain, UAE
It doesn't look like much, but I've changed the site to streamline more with my personal side project; I'm hoping this approach will help better showcase the large amount of material I've created over the past few years... well, the unclassified/personal stuff at least :) Stay Tuned, and be sure to follow me on Twitter (@NickTheFoote) for Updates!